composite pipe repairs

48” Caisson with Live Leaks



A 48” discharge caisson had a large number of through wall defects over a vertical length of 23 meters that required immediate attention. A long term defined lifetime repair solution consisting of live leak sealing and an engineered composite repair was required to reinstate the integrity of the caisson.

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The scope of the work was to provide an engineered design, with 20 years repair lifetime. This required live leak sealing the numerous through wall defects and applying both Technowrap 2K™ and Technowrap SRS™ over the defect areas.


The scope had several challenging factors due to the extent of the corroded area and diameter of the caisson. Also access was only possible off-ropes and the job was required to be completed during adverse winter conditions.

Innovative live leak sealing solutions had to be employed before the installation of the Technowrap™ repair.


The Technowrap 2K™ and Technowrap SRS™ repair using WTR’s Splashzone™ resin system was installed live. The combination of the two repair products was a requirement of the design parameters which required the repair to withstand both the internal pressure plus the axial bending moment resulting from the wave loading.

Having successfully overcome all challenges, WTR was able to successfully complete the repair of length 23 meters on the 48” caisson. All 40 plus through wall defects were successfully sealed and the structural integrity of the caisson was reinstated for an extended lifetime of 20 years. Applying the repair live is resulted in zero impact on production and operations to the client and providing an extremely cost effective solution.