composite pipe repairs

Technowrap™ Splashzone – Subsea 12” Crude Oil Line


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Walker Technical’s product, Technowrap Splashzone™, is an extremely effective subsea pipeline composite repair system. This was a conclusion based on a 15 month research test programme into subsea composite repairs lead by the Pipeline Research Council International (PCRI). Based on this conclusion, a client approved Technowrap Splashzone™ to be used on a 12” crude oil line which had suffered from external mechanical damage located 12ft below sea level in the Gulf of Mexico.


An engineered design calculation was produced to evidence the number or layers required to reinstate the integrity of the 2 meter section of the subsea pipeline. The client proposed utilising their incumbent diving contractor to apply the repair. As part of the scope of work, WTR supplied training, supervision and materials.


Poor visibility due to the murky waters meant that SA2.5 surface preparation was not permitted; the client feared this would create additional sediment impairing visibility further. This was overcome by the deploying a rotating wire brush to achieve a ST3 surface profile.

Technowrap Splashzone™ resins were utilized instead of the standard epoxy resin system due to its ability to disperse water away from the repair and pipe surface, increasing the adhesion properties.

During the execution of the repair, a Walker Technical Supervisor managed the scope of work from a dry dock station where all materials were prepared and passed to the divers on the sea bed. As communication with the divers during the application was difficult, pre-arranged breaks in the application were scheduled to monitor progress.


The subsea repair was successfully completed ahead of schedule with both the client and the divers complementing WTR on the high standards of safety, scope planning, product quality, training and supervision. The repair was applied under the QA/QC controls normally used on standard pipework repair applications. This repair application demonstrates the effectiveness of Technowrap Splashzone™ as a subsea composite pipeline repair system.