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Corrosion is an increasing threat to the integrity of offshore structures including pipework, tanks and vessels worldwide. Failure of all or part of these structures may in many cases have disastrous consequences and result in lost production revenues and significant costs for re-establishing the structure. Replacement of defective pipework is not always an option due to loss of production, fabrication timescales and costs. Technowrap™ provides an immediate and long term alternative to replacing defective steelwork without the costs, time delays or loss of production – an obvious choice for mature assets.


Technowrap 2K™ can be practically applied on internal, external and through wall defects on piping systems, tanks and vessels and all complex geometries including bends, tees, reducers and flanges. It can also be used to overwrap temporary clamps.

Our Engineered Solution

Utilising our in house expertise in composite technology, the unique features of glass fibre technology found in Technowrap 2K™ provides a cost-effective solution for reinstating or increasing the original design integrity of the defective piping system over the replacement of components.

Key Benefits

Once applied, Technowrap 2K™ can seal through wall defects and also re-instate or increase the structural integrity of defective piping systems.

Other key benefits are:

Industry analysis shows that on average, composite systems are 25% less expensive than welded steel sleeve repairs and 70% less expensive than replacing the damaged section of the steel pipe completely.*

*Koch GH, Brongers MP, Tompson NG, Virmani YP, Payer JH. Corrosion cost and preventative strategies in the United States. Federal Highway Administration, Office of Infrastructure Research and Development; 2001. P. 260-311