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The transportation of oil and gas in pipelines is a valuable and essential link for the E&P industry. Pipelines suffering from erosion-corrosion at the 6 0’clock position associated with a flow-induced mechanical removal of the protective surface film can result in an increase in corrosion rate sometimes resulting in through wall defects.

Composites are a viable option from a cost saving perspective because they can be applied to pipelines that are still in operation, eliminating the need to shut down and remove the need to replace defective steelwork.


Technowrap PRS™ can be practically applied on internal, external and through wall defects. Technowrap H.P PRS™ is a high pressure pipeline repair system which has been designed for use on land. The system’s intended application is for large diameters of pipe work, such as a 36 inch pipe operating at high pressures (greater than 50 bar).

Our Engineered Solution

Utilising our in house expertise in composite technology, each of our Technowrap™ solutions are engineered for purpose and can be suitable for a wide range of applications including; large diameter pipe work, withstanding temperatures ranging from -75̊C to 220̊C and design pressures of up to 250 bar.

Key Benefits

Once applied, Technowrap™ can seal through wall defects and also re-instate or increase the structural integrity of defective piping systems. Other key benefits are: