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Accelerated corrosion is often an issue with caissons and risers in and around the saline environment of the Splashzone.

Composites are a viable repair option because they can be applied to caissons and risers that are still in operation; no hot work permits are required; and in the case of hydrophobic composites, they can be applied subsea or in the splash zone. This gives offshore operators a cost-effective alternative to traditional repair methods such as welded clamps, or cutting and replacing sections of damaged or degraded piping systems.


The main challenges in developing a composite repair solution for damaged or corroded risers and caissons are to engineer a resin system that can bond and cure on wet surfaces and underwater and also to devise an application procedure that can be undertaken by air divers. We have developed a composite repair system, Technowrap Splashzone™, where the resin system is capable of adhering to metallic surfaces and curing in a water environment and can be applied on risers, caissons, pipework and pipelines.

Our Engineered Solution

Utilising our in house expertise in composite technology, a hydrophobic (repelling, tending not to combine with, or incapable of dissolving in water) element has been added to the hardener used in Technowrap Splashzone™, which makes it easier for the resin to bond to the substrate when it is wet or fully submerged.

Key Benefits

Once applied, Technowrap Splashzone ™ can seal through wall defects and also re-instate or increase the structural integrity of defective piping systems. Other key benefits are: