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The number of ageing offshore platforms has increased globally and a substantial number are facing operation beyond their intended design life.

Strengthening of offshore structures may be required for a number of reasons, e.g. additional loading or corrosion or structural damage of existing structures.

In the current climate of cost and resource pressures, we are able to offer a highly cost effective and robust engineered solution to structural issues.


Technowrap™ SRS (Structural rehabilitation system) can be practically applied for the strengthening of

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Our Engineered Solution

Utilising our in house expertise in composite technology, the unique features of carbon fibre technology found in Technowrap™ SRS provides a viable, cost-effective solution for reinstating the original design integrity of steelwork over the replacement of structural components.

Key Benefits

Our Technowrap™ SRS system utilises the unique features of carbon fibre technology. It is less than one-quarter the weight of steel, which makes it 4 times as stiff on a weight to weight basis. It is approximately 4 times as strong in tension and it has a better fatigue life than steel, aluminium or titanium.

Other key benefits are: