Walker Technical



The leak sealing tool kit comprises of a number of leak sealing methods utilised by Walker Technical Technicians prior to carrying out a Composite repair.

Containing various repair methods, the case is designed for quick dispatch in order to provide an emergency response for live leak sealing.

The clamps included in the tool kit is made with powder coated carbon steel and is supplied with an internal rubber patch for ease of leak sealing. Due to its construction and low profile, the clamp can be used in combination with Walker Technical’s engineered composite systems, to seal the leak and then to reinforce the clamp after sealing. The clamp measures 3.5” in width and are available in lengths designed for diameters ranging from 2” to 8”. The “clamp linking design,” allows several clamps to link together to form a clamp for pipe diameters up to 24”.

The leak sealing tool kit can be utilised for leak sealing under the following conditions:


Repair Class Class 1 & 2
Service Conditions Drains, Cooling Media, Sea Water, Fire Water, Potable Water
Design Pressure <20 Bar
Design Temp <40°C

The intention of the leak sealing capability offered by Walker Technical is to provide a temporary (mechanically) leak sealing solution, prior to the application of a compliant Technowrap composite repair providing a long term repair solution up to 20 years.


We provide leak sealing service with the following advantages:

Our certified technicians have years of field experience. They are well-trained and well-equipped with the appropriate equipment to handle leaks.