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Technowrap™ DRS (Deck Rehabilitation System)


Technowrap™ DRS (Deck Rehabilitation System) is a repair system for damaged or corroded deck areas.

The major engineering challenge in designing a repair system for deck plates is to ensure that the damage tolerance of the repair system can meet the demands of the day to day impacts that the deck has to withstand.

To achieve this damage tolerance, a repair system consisting of carbon fibre cloth and an epoxy resin, which is infused with rubber nano-particles, has been developed.

It is the rubber nano-particles which toughens the repair for improved impact and abrasion resistance.

Another key requirement of the repair system is to ensure a non-slip outer surface. This has been developed by combining aggregate with the new resin system.

Fibre: Carbon – quadraxial stitched cloth 0°/+45°/-45°/90°
Resin: Rubber toughened epoxy resin
Application: Deck areas
Defect types: Corrosion and through wall
Max in-plane strength: 750 kN/metre
Max impact resistance : > 500 Joules

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