Walker Technical

Technowrap™ E1


Technowrap™ E1 is an external corrosion protection coating developed for pipework and structures. It is also beneficial for use in harsh environments where impact damage tolerance is important.

Technowrap™ E1 is a thicker laminate than our standard Technowrap 2K™, therefore each layer applied provides greater impact resistance while still adhering to the substrate and providing pressure containment.

Fibre: E-glass cross-ply (00/900)
stitched cloth
Resin: Two part epoxy resin system
Application: Complex geometries on
pipework systems and
pipelines. External corrosion
protections and strengthening
Defect types: Wall loss through corrosion,
internal or external
Maximum design pressure: Up to 20 bar
Maximum design temperature: Up to 85°C
Approx cure time: 24 to 36 hours