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A fibre glass reinforced epoxy resin repair system, suitable for repairing all geometries of pipe work (including tanks and vessels) with various defect sizes and operating conditions. Three different resin types are available depending on the application and repair conditions.

Product Ref: 2K-010
Fibre: E-glass, tri-axial woven cloth 0º ± 45º
Application: Complex geometries
Piping systems
Pressure retention
Leak sealing
Defect types: Internal
Through wall
Maximum design pressure: Up to 250 bar
Maximum design temperature: Up to 220ºC
Approx cure time: Max. 24 hours
Chemical resistance: 3 < pH < 10

Through research and development, Technowrap 2K™ has been developed to enable it to be applied in temperatures ranging from -103°F (-75°C) to 428°F (220°C). As a result this technology can be utilised in a variety of geometries and to suit the temperatures of all geographic locations.

Technowrap 2K™ is available in 3 resin types –

Low Temperature (L.T.™) - Used in temperate climates with an operating range from -75°C to 90°C / -103°F to 194°F.

High Temperature (H.T.™) - Used for high temperature applications ranging from 90°C to 220°C / 194°F to 428°F. The ability of this product to reach such high temperatures was an industry first in a niche market.

High Ambient (H.A.™) - Used in tropical environments e.g. Middle East and West Africa with an operating range from -75°C to 90°C /-103°F to 194°F./

Blackwater drains line encapsulation