Walker Technical

Research & Technical Centre


Our research and development provides the knowledge, expertise and creativity to develop the products that are focussed on meeting the demands of our customers.

Our composite technologies undergo a rigorous testing process that enables us to be confident while providing lifetime guarantees with our repairs. We have developed some of the most advanced composite repair products which can withstand temperatures ranging from -75̊C to 220̊C and design pressures of up to 250 bar.

We are committed to exploring composite technology and providing solutions for our extensive customer network in the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery and power industries. As a part of our commitment, long term mechanical testing and investigation of different inspection techniques are underway to develop the technology as well as provide our customers with innovative repair solutions.

Evaluation of our products

With a primary aim of mechanical testing, a programme to generate long term test data for the Technowrap 2Kô materials is underway to justify our claims regarding 20 year lifetime warranty. Long term tests on through wall defects, strength of the laminate, repair of external defects and Interlamina strength are in progress to evaluate the performance of our existing technology. For the purpose of these tests, we have joined with various engineering firms and Universities from UK and USA.

In alliance with Newcastle University, we are performing long term tests on the strength of the laminate. To date, the strength tests confirm that our design calculations are approximately 300% conservative, hence increasing our confidence in our engineered repair products.